Class Descriptions & Fees

Scholarships and payment plans are available

See Bethany Young, Kehillah Director

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Adaptive Aquatics

You will receive 1:1 instruction in acquiring the next step in your swimming skills. This can range from a beginner swimmer working on water safety skills to an experienced swimmer who wants to get improve their skills. Instruction is customized to fit your physical and developmental abilities. This is an 8 week lesson block offered on Friday and Saturday afternoons, additional afternoons might be available.  Contact Linda LaPointe  for open lesson times and instructors.  Any missed lessons cannot be made up.

Instructor: Male and Female Adaptive Aquatics Instructors are matched to your needs and and swimming goals

Fee: $180 Members, $200 General Public

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Adaptive Karate

This class focuses on basic karate skills (kicks and blocks) coupled with self control and relaxation through meditation. Classes are held downstairs in JCC’s Dance Studio. Attire: Socks, Sweatpants and T-Shirt.

Instructors: Luke, Sensei Tiger

Time and Day:  Sundays 2-2:45pm

Fee: Members $65, General Public $80.00

Guys Fitness

This class gives male adults a 45 minute workout of stretching and strength building, utilizing steps, weights and floor exercises to music.  A quiet cool down ends the class.

Instructor: JR Golen

Day and Time: Mondays  4:15pm-5:00pm

Fee: Members $80.00 , General Public $100.00

Club Kehillah Bowling

Bowl two games each week and enjoy pizza in the lounge with your friends at Shaker Bowl in East longmeadow.

Instructor: Lindsay

Day and Time: Mondays 5:10pm-6:40pm

Fee:Members $120.00; General Public $150.00


Acquire the skills needed to participate in community basketball programs. Participants learn dribbling, passing, shooting and the rules of play. Overall sportsmanship and self-confidence is the focus.

Instructors: Tony

Time and Day:  Tuesdays 4:30-5:15pm

Fee: Members FREE , general public $48.00

Move to the Beat

Get ready to shake and dance to this high energy upbeat class!

InstructorPatty Kelly

Day and Time: Wednesdays, 4-4:45pm

Fee: $60 Members; $75 General Public


Food for Thought:

This is a social club that combines following directions and working with others to achieve a healthy meal for the entire group. Participants make the meal, help serve each other, and do the clean up together. Each recipe is kosher. Our motto is “recipes sometimes get a ‘thumbs up’ and sometimes they get a ‘thumbs down’, but you never know unless you try”!

Instructor: Kerry

Day and Time: Tuesdays 5:15-6:30pm

Fee: Members $120, General Public $150

Music with Rusty:

Join us for an eight-week fun and supportive Music Therapy group led by certified Music therapist Michael “Rusty” Russell. Music Therapy addresses the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals. In this group, all are invited to sing, play instruments and dance while addressing these needs.  Through musical involvement in this therapeutic context, participants abilities are strengthened and transferred to other parts of their lives.

Instructor: Michael “Rusty” Williams-Russell

Day and Time: Thursdays 3:45pm-4:30pm (teens, adults)

Fee: Members 120.00,  general public $135.00

Club Kehillah Social Club:

Please join Club Kehillah. Further develop social and friendship skills while participating in community outings as well as participating in activities at the JCC.  The ability to follow instructions and to be safe in the community with staff support required. Learn independence and self advocacy while having fun doing a variety of fun activities. Activities will include but not limited to Bowling, Roller Skating, going to the movies, games at the JCC, Indoor Bocce, Concerts, sporting events, Candle Pin Bowling, Billiards and  much more. Please check the class schedule for listing of activities. Please note: Club Kehillah Fun Night Out/Fun Night In is geared towards participants who are more independent and are able to follow verbal and visual prompts/cues. The ability to follow instructions and to be safe in the community with staff support required.

Instructor: Abby

Time and day: Thursdays from 4:30-7:00pm

Fee: Members $48.00,  general public $64.00 monthly dues* scholarships available

Guitar Lessons:

One to one guitar lessons given by Dirk Litzner. Lessons are weekly for a half hour and start at the participant’s level.

Instructor: Dirk Litzner

Fee: Members $350.00,  general public $400.00 (10 Lessons)

How can I get involved?

Contact: Springfield Jewish Community Center (JCC)

Club Kehillah Adult Special Needs Program

1160 Dickinson Street

Springfield, Ma 01108

(413) 739-4715 x 315

Bethany Young

413-739-4715 x325