ReelAbilities 2016 Film Details


ReelAbilities Brochure 2016

All Screenings are admission free and light refreshments will be served

Tuesday, November 15th at the Springfield Jewish Community Center:


72 min, USA, English, Luke Terrell

Gabe Weil is a 27-year-old who was born with the most severe form of muscular dystrophy. For his entire life, Gabe had been told he would be lucky to live past 25. But recently, he learned he was misdiagnosed, and might live well into his 50s. Although this news was overwhelmingly positive, it presented a surprising obstacle: Gabe did not have any long-term goals. He was forced to rethink his life from scratch. This radical shift in consciousness propelled him to set new goals, continue facing reality, and manifest more dreams.  *Adult Content

Sunday, December 4th at UMASS Amherst – Hasbrouck Building


Thursday, December 1st at Jericho: Bureau for Exceptional Children + Adults:

Good Beer:

7 min, USA, English, Tony Borden

Shannon and David meet online and go on a revealing first date.

Happy 40th:

100 min, USA, English, Madoka Raine

This beautifully acted ensemble film features four women coming together to celebrate the birthday of a friend who has remained a recluse ever since a car accident with her husband left her in a wheelchair. Over the course of the weekend, much wine is consumed, intimacies are shared, and an unthinkable betrayal forces the group of friends and lovers to re-evaluate long-held beliefs and assumptions. Happy 40th pokes and prods at fragile relationships to reveal uncomfortable truths about the secrets we keep from each other and from ourselves.


Tuesday, December 6th at the Springfield Jewish Community Center:

A Series of Shorts:


12 minutes, Canada, English, Karim Ayari

“My goal in making Perfect was to dispel the myths surrounding Tourette syndrome. Being chosen as one of Canada’s top nine shorts in 2013, being featured on the nationally broadcast CBC Short Film Face Off and having the film screen here on NSI’s website has definitely helped me achieve that goal.”

Strings (Cuerdas):

11 minutes, Spain, Spanish, Pedro Solis Garcia

The film is full of nuances and describes a tender story of friendship between two special children. “Cuerdas” was the 2014 winner of the Goya ® award for “the Best Spanish short film animation”.


14 minutes, Canada, English, Adam Goldhammer

After their parents are killed in a car accident, 22 year old Kelly Turner finds herself in the overwhelming position of being the sole caregiver for her older brother Jesse who has autism. “Jesse is a film based on my relationship with my sister, Ilana, who has autism: those beautiful moments when I really feel connected to her and the times when she loses control and I feel helpless.”

Marina’s Ocean:

16 minutes, Brazil, Portuguese, Cassio Pereira dos Santos

A group of countryside students are preparing a special trip to the beach. Marina, a 15-year-old girl with Down Syndrome has a strong wish to visit the sea for the first time. Forbidden to travel with the other kids, Marina starts her own journey towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Still Running:

5 minutes, USA, Engish, Wayne de Lange and Sven Harding

Pieter du Preez who had overcome a tragic cycling accident which left him paralyzed from the chest down, shows how humans can triumph in extreme adversity.